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Depuis la nuit des temps il est avéré que des intuitions spontanées peuvent venir à la conscience de certains médiums. Ceux-ci sont les plus « pointus » dans l’exercice de la voyance. Ces sortes de flashs de clairvoyance ne préviennent pas, ils arrivent sans crier gare, s’imposent à tel point parfois que le médium va l’exprimer à voix haute sans avoir pris le temps de traiter l’information reçue par un processus mental quelconque. Certains médiums vivent ces phénomènes par le canal de l’écriture. Certains voyants n’ont pas besoin de support comme les Tarots, un Oracle, un pendule ou certains minéraux pour entrer dans un véritable processus de clairvoyance. C’est la partie la plus mystérieuse, fascinante mais complexe à expliquer. Néanmoins nous allons entrer dans cette compréhension, couche après couche.

Il existe plusieurs possibilités à ces phénomènes de voyance sans support :

Sudden intuition is inspired by disembodied entities

This is the case with many mediums. Some admit it, some don’t. But whatever the belief of the medium, the principle is the same. This explanation leads us down a path that may surprise but is nonetheless real. The medium Allan Kardec is a perfect example among many others. He devoted his whole life to this mission, and he managed to explain to us what was happening to him spontaneously. The disembodied spirits are not idle, they choose to carry out certain missions in particular in relation to humanity, its evolution, and through the intermediary of the incarnated entities on Earth, we the men and women present here below. These mediums are linked by spiritual affinities to some of these entities. It’s like a collaborative work between the entity and the medium, they have the same mission. It’s about helping others to move forward as best they can on their life path, sometimes helping them to collectively carry out projects that will influence the lives of thousands, sometimes millions of people. Each human being must flourish and fulfill themselves, this is the cosmic law of evolution. Spirit mediums are in charge of helping those who come to him for this spiritual growth.

Sudden intuition is linked to a specific gift of capturing the medium

We don’t know everything about human powers, far from it. There is a very high probability that Man carries within himself individual powers that allow him to “read” an event to come for another person. The pineal gland is still a mystery to mainstream science as to its true function. While we know well that for millennia, many cultures throughout the world locate in its precise place the source of the extra sensory perceptions (including clairvoyance) of each one of us. It is enough to see in India this famous red dot located on this part of the head, worn by many people, without having to become a specialist in the history of civilizations. In Tibet, in certain monasteries, the opening of the ” 3rdeye” to this place by secular practices which allow to live intensely perceptions of clairvoyance, but also to see the aura, and many other phenomena still. But this is reserved for those who have the wisdom, the maturity of mind to be able to manage these perceptions with finesse, intelligence and always with kindness.

The sudden intuition that occurs in a state of trance 

Some mediums have the ability to activate their gifts of clairvoyance(or to pick up spirits who inform them) when they are in a state of deep trance. This phenomenon can be voluntarily provoked by meditation exercises, and other more advanced ones. Others in a state of somnambulism are in the same disposition. In all cases, these mediums act under the influence of their own spirit. The freedom that gives the sleep of the body or the complete relaxation of the trance releases the spirit from all that scrambles its natural perceptions, and especially on the level of the mental, or cerebral stimulation. The process of spontaneous clairvoyance can then express itself and be lived fully, and even “full force” one can say. Indeed it is a process that is sometimes very trying for the medium on an emotional level.